Sunday, February 21, 2010

rip laptop.

Sorry for the lack of posts! First my internet was disconnected for half of my reading week and now my little hp mini laptop is broken :( The part where the screen is attached to the keyboard/rest of the laptop part has well broken off if guess, its still half attached but the one side is completely coming apart. I went to Barrie yesterday to Future Shop where i purchased it to see if they could fix it for me. Unfortunetly my warranty is a few months expired and the guy working at the computer services said it would cost me about the same amount i paid for it to fix it. AKA it's not worth fixing.

Luckily, my parents told me to check out the macbook pro's and to see what kind of financing options Future Shop has. So in the midst of my bad luck it looks like i will be soon purchasing a 15 inch Macbook Pro later this week :D It has been SO hard to contain my excitement because i honestly did not think i would be getting one of those babies till at least next September! PATIENCE HAS FINALLY PAID OFF!

Now i won't be the only one in my photography program without a damn macbook and i'll actually be able to shoot tethered! I'll post some pictures of it in all its glory once i get it! Hopefully Wednesday before class! Keep your fingers crossed!



  1. i could use your help on my blog putting my outfit together :)

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    thanks sweetie!!

  2. That suckkks about your small HP laptop but heeey you're hopefully gonna get your MacBook Pro :) Hope that works out, lovely. XO