Sunday, February 28, 2010

57) olympics!

So the men's Canadian hockey team is getting ready to play the game of a lifetime and i'm waiting patiently to watch it with my mom before work which i am very happy about. My shift at work got switched and instead of starting at 2 i start at 6 till 11 tonight! So happy! I've been watching endless montages and ctv reports and interviews. My favourite moment was when the two canadian speed skaters were winning their medals and both were supporting each other at the event. It was so sweet when they both jumped up onto the side and were hugging each other-cutest moment of life!

I've been totally liking the Hudson's Bay designs of the athletes uniforms and casual clothing. It has the perfect balance between patriotism of Canada but still a stylish and comfortable aspect to it for the athletes as well as for supporters who won't feel completely silly wearing it outside of the event. Here are some of my favourites that i wish i had more money to get!

So proud to be a Canadian. Good luck to the Men's team! Bring home the gold!!

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