Monday, November 30, 2009

04) New at Heritage 1981.

compliation credit: Amanda Urbanski '09
Products all from Heritage 1981
White shirt; $15.90, brown belt; $12.80, grey jeans;$27.90, bag;$23.90

03) I'm on the hunt for some boots.

So i've been trying to find the most perfect pair of slouchy brown boots that i would be able to subsitute for my uggs this winter when i want to feel a little more put together. Living just north of Toronto means we get hit with about 30 cm's more snow then the GTA does. For example, Toronto high school's would get one snow day, my high school would get three (one of them usually being an ice day). So when buying boots i have to think a bit more practical then just my good o'l uggs.

Here are a couple potential boots that i've been keeping my eye on from amongst other fashion sites.

'Cognac West Boots' $

'Lake Calhoun Boots' $

'Jemma Riding Boot' $

Those are it for now, i tend to be very picky with boots lately but if anyone has any other suggestions send them my way and they'll be posted ASAP! Hope everyone's been having a good day so far :)


02) forever 21 is heaven.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

01)"In order to be irreplaceable, one must be different" - Coco Chanel

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to my blog, Fashion Shakers! I'm just starting out so bear with me :)

I think it's safe to say that i am obessed with anything fashion related and after a year or two experiencing the blogger world i've decided it was time to make my own contribution to the many amazing fashion blogs out there. For now it'll be a very new thing for me starting out but i can't wait to get going with it and to be able to share my fashion experiences with everyone else.

This blog is also going to be documenting the evolution of my own personal wardrobe and style because right now it is DEFINETLY not living up to its full potential ! It should be interesting and most likely quite funny so check back often.

ALSO! if all goes well and i slowly begin to have some followers out there, start sending me things like photos, videos, links etc of stuff that interests you or that catches your eye in the fashion world and ill post it here.

Alright well i think that's it for now, check back for the next post, who knows what it'll be!