Wednesday, March 31, 2010

65) This is for you Cathy :)

Nothing too special, just a photo dump of things i like and that are inspiring. Enjoy!

Not just a want but a NEED.

I know this isn't really in style anymore but i still love this colour

I still can't believe Alexander McQueen is gone.
He was a pure genius, may he rip. 


Make up ='s perfection

need i say more?

cute shoesss <3

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

64) LOVE this shoot!

Photo shoot for Heritage 1981 from Forever 21
Original photos found at The Skinny-link on the side in my blog list!
Ps. Anyone notice who the ginger model is? One of the more recent ANTM winners :)!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


photo sources:
the sartorialist blog


Main Floor:

Upper Floor:

My Favourites:

Norml Clothing is by far one of my favourite clothing stores in Ottawa. The first time i went in there was two summers ago with my boyfriend Mike, his best friend Josh and Josh's girlfriend Tricia. They offer a wide variety of international labels and brands from all over as well as local. They also have a showcase of different artists' and their installations in one section of the upper level of the store. My favourite part of the store though is on the main level in the back corner where they keep all of the spray paint and graffiti supplies! The entire store itself is inspirational and manages to capture city style perfectly. Although a bit pricey they do regularly have sales and it is always worth the money. The idea of quality versus quantity as well as originality. Check it out next time you're visiting Canada's capital, it'll be well worth your visit :)

Photo Sources: & Norml Facebook profile.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

61) you would kill for this, just a little bit.

This past weekend has been quite busy between work and homework assignments and a lovely weekend with my handsome boy :) I had several assignments that i've had to finish a few more days in advance then usual because on Thursday morning we are getting up early and driving to OTTAWA :D I am so ridiculously excited it is well, ridiculous haha. I get to see Michael's best friend Joshua again along with his awesome family and his lovely girlfriend Tricia. I also get to meet Michael's other best friend Morgan for the first time so i hope i pass the approval lol. AND lastly i get to see one of my BFF's since like the 6th or 7th grade Zuzia who i haven't seen in like oh lord, maybe 2 years now? I've lost track, either way it's been way too long and i am just so excited to see her and catch up!! I was nervous that maybe it would be awkward even though we've known each other for so long. But i have a feeling it's going to be just fine and we'll both be super happy ! 

Despite the amount of homework and work shifts, i managed to have a pretty decent weekend of lounging around the house with Michael. Both parental units were out of town so it was just me him and his puppy Tiffany hanging out and doing homework and watching way too many episodes of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. It was perfect :)

Although it was a great weekend, it wasn't a very fashionable one, it mostly consisted of my lame work uniform and comfy clothes. I also missed the Oscars since i was working but from what i've managed to see on tv plus i did see a few favourites. Also i just wanted to say that the actress Gabourey from the movie Precious is so beautiful. I watched that movie tonight with my mom and bawled, i'm glad they won at least a few awards because they sure deserved it not to mention the story is so realistic in the sense that this happens to women everywhere all over the world. 

Well here are some of my favourite dresses. I'm still unsure about how i feel about some of the structured dresses that were on the red carpet. They are in fashion at this point and i've seen several that are absolutely amazing and the craftsmanship that went into them must've been exhausting, but the few that were worn didn't leave me speechless. I will say that everyone did look stunning though no matter what :) Enjoy!


Rachel McAdams-Elle Saab

Demi Moore-Atelier Versace

Sandra Bullock-Marchesa

Gabourey Sidibe – Marchesa

Anna Kendrick-Elie Saab

Cameron Diaz-Oscar de la Renta

Carey Mulligan-Prada