Monday, January 18, 2010

35) To Do List

Hello all of you lovely people!

It is way too late but unfortunetly i cannot sleep and i have not posted in way too long! I wanted to give a little update and things that will hopefully come in the near future! I have successfully made it through my first week of second semester and everything seems to be going smoothly so far. I like all of my profs and all of my classes seem to be keeping my interest which is great news lol. Although i'm looking forward to the topics i'll be learning about, the workload is slightly daunting between school, work, family, friends and extra curriculars but i'm hoping i'll be able to manage it all with no problems!

As for fashionshakers, these are some posts that i am hoping to get finished in the next week or two since my work schedule has calmed down since Christmas holiday's are over:

- updated photos of my shopping spree and my newly cleaned out and organized closet
- more posts on my slowly progressing sense of style !
- posts to do with my in class studio photos that i will be printing out for assignments etc that will hopefully have a more fashion focused esthetic and subject matter to them
- some more posts with upcoming designer lines as well as new arrivals for the usual wishlists of forever 21, urban outfitters, heritage 1981 and modcloth :)

I know it's not much for now but i'm hoping if i start out with small goals i'll pick up a better routine in posting regularly so check up often and as always feel free to email me anything that catches your eye that you might like to see posted up here OR if you want to do some shameless self advertising and want your particular blog featured here, send me some info and i'll do a blog of the week post:


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  1. oh oh can we have a photo shoot now, i am very handsome to so it will be fun, lmao now imgaine that sentence came from some random guy... fuck. good thing were in love :D but seriously amanda, photo shoot, and if you take pictures of me for some reason, get my good side..which is my butt. k
    i love you