Tuesday, November 23, 2010

68) Bucket List 2.0-started in the summa time!

Despite working two jobs, i'm making a summer list that i'm going to try and do this year.

- learn how to long board
- get a normal tan, no more rugby or work tans haha
- go to the beach
- go spring/summer clothes shopping
- tone up those abs and feel healthier
- pay off my macbook
- go on endless photo adventures
- take a self portrait every day
- find new music to listen to
- go on lots of drives with the windows down
- visit friends in port colborne and st.catharines !
- go the the cottage at least once this summer, work allowing of course
- cruise the back roads on my long board :D
- keep drawing
- get another tattoo without mom freaking out
- fix up my stereo system and learn how to fix some things on my car by myself
- move to Toronto my last year of university
- intern at a fashion magazine
- graduate from university
- take a couple months off from school and:
         1) back pack across Europe
         2) visit Australia and New Zealand

I will try my best to continually update this as i go along :)

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