Thursday, December 10, 2009

13) self-evaluation.

So i have yet to actually touch upon my own fashion style (or lack there of) since i started this blog. I have been swamped with study notes and exams, and trying to make room for the excess knowledge that i'll need to know for Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday :| I apologize for the lack of updates and blog posts! I figured i'd take a quick break from studying to finally talk about the craziness i call my fashion sense lol.

When i was younger i was pretty much a tomboy and still am at heart but once i got to high school I used to have a pretty decent fashion thing going on in the 9th and 10th grade. I went to a catholic high school that required uniforms so i'd wear crazy jewellery and brooches and earrings to make up for the awful forest green and navy blue uniforms. Out of uniform days were my favorite since we could wear our own clothes for the day. I remember i had to call my mom to bring me pants the one time because my religion teacher said my skirt was inappropriate and ratted me out to the principle lol. After the 10th grade i moved further north to a smaller town and a bigger public high school, the only one in the town i'm currently living in. I vowed i wouldn't let what little fashion style i had created diminish only because i was living in potato town (no offense since i do secretly love this little town of mine).

Unfortunetly, my style did change due to having to adapt to the practicality of the seasonal changes. Since i moved further north, instead of only having the possibility of a snow day, we'd get three in a row with 3 feet or more of snow plus an ice day. So i traded my flats in for uggs etcetc. Basically what happened was my style became more laid back and so did my personality. Which wasn't necessarily a bad thing, i was more stress free and didn't care as much as what people thought of me. Once i got to university, that style carried over even though i moved back to Toronto. I was living on residence so i'd get dressed in more comfortable clothing, go to one or two classes and walk back across the parking lot to my room and do some homework, hang out etc.

I guess you could say i am now stuck in a rut. Part of me is dying to be able to get dressed up every day and wear my 4 or 5 inch wedges from H&M and the sexy booties that my boyfriend picked out and to be able to feel fierce inside and out. I religiously surf lookbooks all over, fashion blogs, forever 21, urban outfitters, tumblr and read every magazine when my budget deems possible! But i feel more and more hopeless when i go shopping lol, i never know where to start! I know it's good to have the classic pieces that are simple but everlasting and match everything, but then i feel i need to stand out and the classic pieces are boring, AND THEN i want to feel comfortable and laidback like i used to be!

In conclusion, besides being stuck in a terrible fashion rut, i need to focus the kind of look i want to achieve. I realize i know everything that needs to be done, but i just don't know how to take my own advice! I know what i like, i know what kinds of looks i'd like to achieve but i can't seem to take that first step. SO, fashion shakers has been created in order to force me to take that first step and to document it along the way :)

Any advice for this hopeless budding fashion junkie?
It would be greatly appreciated!


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